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Leaving the Factory

has won the top distinction, selected by the Russo Brothers out of three finalists screened during the National Italian American Foundation's (NIAF) 47th Anniversary Gala Weekend(opens in new window)  at the NIAF Forum held Oct. 29 in Washington, D.C. 

Written and directed by SMC Film Production student Alessia Crucitelli and produced by Andrew James Levay & Catharine Dada, “Leaving the Factory” focuses on the story of the mistreatment of Italian immigrant women factory workers, and their struggle to overcome oppression. The film stars Italian actress Roberta Sparta (who attended the gala) and co-stars Anne Bedian and Roberta De Santis.

Upon conferring the award to "Leaving the Factory," a videotaped message recorded by the Russo Brothers was played in front of the crowd of approximately 1,000, in which they said: “[The filmmakers have created] a story that humanizes the historical tragedy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911, which caused the death of more than 120 women and girls who were trapped inside the facilities. A major focus of Alessia's film is to change how Americans view the early history of feminism and worker rights by examining the important contributions that Italian textile worker women made on behalf of the movement... our heartfelt congratulations, thank you for this incredible film!"

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